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Site Description
Good Infographics Infographics reporting, part of a site that focuses on political news.
Cool Infographics Examples of great infographics according to the author of the site.
Information is Beautiful A blog of visualizations of data, often large, sometimes interactive or linked to other sites for more information.
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods A visualization of different types of visualization methods, not just for data.
WTF Vizualizations Examples of the worst graphs and visualizations found online, on TV, in newspapers, or anywhere. Good for sharing and discussion in classrooms.
Data Visualization Catalogue The Data Viz Catalogue is a reference tool for helping people decide which type of visualization to use for the type of message they want to convey.
Storytelling with Data Blog post lessons on how to make better graphs, better versions of graphs, and step-by-step graph makeovers
Data Revelations Blog posts documenting one man’s insights on different ways of visualizing data and explores cases where atypical charts are actually useful.