Infographic: Bio-diesel

  Ethan Hughes & Jordan Woodard explore the world of bio-diesel. This infographic was

Infographic: Cancer Cases in the Midwest

  Jacob Reese & Maxwell Spitzmiller look at cancer rates in the midwestern United

Infographic: Carbon Monoxide Deaths Data

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Infographic: Great Disasters of the United States

Josh Giancola and Brad Risenhoover explore the great disasters of the United States, 1840’s

Infographic: Caffeine Overload

Caffeine is really a drug. Caffeine is known medically as trimethylxanthine, and the chemical

Infographic: Earthquake Timeline

  Devin Welch looks at earthquakes from 2000-2010. This infographic was originally published on

Infographic: Asthma Numbers

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Infographic: Aids Around the World

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Infographic: Survey of High School Students’ Sleeping Habits

  Christine Hughes investigates high school students’ sleeping habits. This infographic was originally published

Infographic: How fat is your food?

Kevin Murillo presents a survey of popular fast food entrees, focusing on calories and