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How to Make Infographics

For Educators

Why Infographics in the Classroom?

Creating infographics in classrooms and out-of-school programs supports STEM learning and afford teens the opportunity to make empirically-backed and visually-appealing argumentative claims, rather than simply parroting content they find. These learning experiences cultivates science inquiry to answer questions about their own lives and the lives of others.

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Free Professional Development Workshop

Adapted from our in-person teacher professional development (PD) workshops, the free PD workshop here is a self-guided version that can be done individually or with a group at your school or site.

These sessions will guide you to create an infographic with careful attention to visual design, storytelling, and finding and communicating data. You will also adapt and develop curricular materials for creating infographics with your students, for supporting the feedback and revision process, and considerations for showing their work to a public audience.

Dive Into the SLI Approach

About SLI

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SLI is a collaboration of University of Colorado Boulder, Simon Fraser University, Saint Louis University, TERC, and teachers in Colorado, Missouri, and Massachusetts. Our team is developing and implementing a model of youth infographics-based data journalism to understand how participation in SLI leads to appropriation of STEM literacy (e.g., data literacy/mathematical reasoning, visual representation, credibility of sources) in diverse learning environments.
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