Workshop: Creating Graphs in Excel for Use in Adobe Illustrator

CISL Intern Guadalupe Gaona walks through the process of creating graphs in Microsoft Excel

Infographic: Stranger Danger

  Daniel Schmidt explores the dangers of the Internet.   This infographic was originally

Infographic: The Risks of Everyday Beauty Products

Abby Kieffer cites some of the potentially dangerous chemicals in beauty products. This infographic

Infographic: Breast Cancer Trends

Kennedi Lee diagrams breast cancer trends. This infographic was originally published on

Infographic: The Most Common Skin Diseases in the U.S.

  Kaylin Harris-Brown illustrates the most common skin diseases. Have you suffered from one

Workshop: What makes a successful infographic?

CISL Team Member Matt Stevens talks about the elements of a successful infographic.

Workshop: “Interesting-ness”

Title: Finding Interestingness Topic Covered: How to tell an interesting story about a seemingly

Workshop: Creating Vector Images

CISL Intern Taylor Morgan walks you through creating original imagery in the vector design

Infographic: The Link Between Diabetes and Heart Disease

Ahmed Peterson explores why diabetics are at greater risk for heart disease. This infographic

Infographic: Babies First Year of Growth and Development

  Jalen Allen and Takia Jackson provide a timeline of what happens in the