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Finding Data
To help in finding reliable, usable data sets, we have developed a curated list of trustworthy data sources, including information about the format in which the data are provided. You can find our recommended data sources on the Data: Finding, Using, Visualizing page.

Data to Infographic
Incorporating data into infographics can be challenging, so we have created a variety of resources to help you guide your students in finding, exploring, visualizing and presenting data, also on the Data: Finding, Using, Visualizing page.

Choosing Visual Representations of Data
The “How to Make your Infographic Visual” resource can help students consider what kind of visual or graphical representation might be appropriate for their topic.

Communicating a Data Story
While many students are likely to want to immediately create a visually appealing graph in their canvas tool, we encourage them to first go through a stage of data exploration in which they determine what kind of story the data will tell. The graph choice chart (by Hannah Webber et al., external link) can support this process.

Just-in-time Graph Pitfall Support
Because many students have not had much experience with data, their infographics may include data representations that have common errors. To help you provide guidance to students in these cases, we have developed several short documents that list common pitfalls with particular kinds of graphs – and ways to fix them. You can find these on our Data: Finding, Using, Visualizing page.