Images: Finding, Using, and Making

/Images: Finding, Using, and Making
Images: Finding, Using, and Making2018-08-27T12:16:25-05:00

Make Your Infographic Visual

The use of graphics and images in infographics is just as carefully chosen as data graphs and charts. Making your infographic visual with meaningful and well placed graphics helps convey a clearer and easier to grasp message for readers. Be careful to avoid too many decorative graphics that can distract or detract from the overall goal.

Creative Commons and Image Permissions

Finding images that already exist to use in your infographic can be time-consuming and difficult. To create infographics for publication on, you must have permission to use images or you create them yourself. Content creators who want to share their work for others to use will often give it a “Creative Common License,” which allows others to use it for free.

There are different types of Creative Common Licenses, and each one gives you a different type of permission to use the image. You can read more about the different types of Creative Common Licenses here.