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The following data sources were chosen for their wealth of information and the sensibility of how they formatted their data. We assembled a downloadable formats column to give you an idea of what kind of data formats you can expect to extract from each source.

Formats like xlsx, csv, and txt can be opened in Microsoft Excel. The json and xml files can be converted to csv using any online converter tool and then opened in Excel. The pdf files, can be opened in a pdf viewer like Mac’s native Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader and copy-pasted into Excel. GeoJSON is a common form of map data format, and can be difficult to work with. There are also image files listed: png, tiff, gif, jpg. These refer to the option to download graphs as images from the corresponding sources.

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Source Name Description Downloadable Formats
1 FBI Crime statistics in the US. Covers state, county and local crimes. xlsx
2 Socrata Open Data Collection of data from various governments including the US government. csv, xlsx, json, pdf, rss, xml
3 GapMinder Data Well-formatted data derived from a variety of open international sources, visualized in gapminder’s own tools xlsx
4 The US federal, state and local governments collect lots of data. csv, xlsx, txt, pdf
5 Hub for open datasets csv, GeoJSON
6 Tableau Public Datasets List of free sample datasets csv, xlsx
7 US Cities Open Data Census Link to a table of available and similar open data for 89 cities variety
8 Nate Silver’s Fivethirtyeight GitHub Repository Data that supported various online articles for a news blog site csv
9 World Bank Free and open access to global development data csv, xlsx, xml
10 World Health Organization Global health observatory data repository csv, xlsx, html, json, xml
11 EEPS NHANES Data Data pre-downloaded and nicely formatted from National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey copy directly from webpage and paste into MS Excel or Google Sheets
12 US Energy Information Administration Energy generation and use xlsx
13 CDC: High School YRBS Youth Risk-Based Survey. Great data on US student injuries, alcohol & tobacco use, diet, sexual behavior, and obesity. pdf, txt, xlsx
14 Kids Count Annual data on kids, their families, their health, births. Collected by Annie E Casey Foundation png, xlsx
15 WolframAlpha An eclectic collection of data in all fields of STEM, art, music, history, which range from the length of roads in Spain to thermodynamic properties of elements. gif, jpg, png, tiff
16 Tree of Life Project Shows evolutionary trees for extinct and living creaures, also photo library need to use snapshot
17 UN data Entry point for international data collected by UN xml
18 NASA planet fact sheet Data on planets copy directly from webpage and paste into MS Excel or Google Sheets
19 USGS Water Quality Data US Geological stream data; lots of water quality data png
20 Gun Violence Archive The Gun Violence Archive is an online archive of gun violence incidents collected from over 1,500 media, law enforcement, government and commercial sources daily in an effort to provideĀ  near-real time data about the results of gun violence. csv