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Source Description Number of open data sources Keywords Searchable? Visualization Tool? Map? Filtering? Summary Data Tool? Well formatted? Downloadable Formats Comments
Google Public Data Data exploration and visualization tools using public data from national and international sources 58 World Development, Finance, Trade, Demographics, Disease, World Government yes yes yes yes no n/a none References data source but does not provide data
Crime Reports Selected crime data for the US. Easy to use and can drill down to local crimes. Not all US cities included. original source US Crime no yes yes yes no yes none can view data grid, but unable to download it or copy it
FBI US crime statistics; hate crimes; state, county and local crimes original source US crime no no no yes yes yes yes, excel US crime stats, hate crimes, state, county and local crimes
Socrata Open Data Collection of data from various governments including the US government. 6,721 Various government organizations yes yes yes yes yes usually csv, xlsx, json, pdf, rss, xml great formatted data; however, looks like they are just grabbing random databases
GapMinder Data Well-formatted data derived from a variety of open international sources, visualized in gapminder's own tools ~46 Employment, Agriculture, Aid, Health, Energy, Natural Disasters, Utilities, Finance, Education, Demographics, Infrastructure, Economy, Health, World Data no yes yes no no yes xlsx data comes from other sources that are readily identified, and they made it nicely formatted The US federal, state and local governments collect lots of data. This portal is an access point to lots of it, with little rhyme or reason. 182,162 Agriculture, Business, Climate, Consumer, Ecosystems, Education, Energy, Finance, Health, Local Government, Manufacturing, Ocean, Public Safety, Science & Research yes * * * * varies csv, xlsx, txt, pdf Uses Socrata or links to government organization sites Hub for open datasets 153 Local Government, Health, Energy, Commerce, Transit, Crime, Politics, Environment yes limited yes yes no yes csv, GeoJSON Not so useful yet
Tableau Public Datasets List of free sample datasets 26 Government, Education, Lifestyle, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Science, Business no no no no no yes csv, xlsx well formatted data, some files are very big
AWS Public Data Sets Huge public datasets (can be over 2TB) hosted on AWS not sure Big Data yes no no no no not sure not sure not always clear how or where to grab data, probably not useful
US Cities Open Data Census Link to a table of available and similar open data for 89 cities 363 Local Government no yes yes yes yes varies supported by Socrata
Nate Silver's Fivethirtyeight GitHub Respository Data that supported various online articles for a news blog site 69 Entertainment, Popular Culture, Politics, Sports, Demographics, Health, Weather, Food, Trivia no no no no no yes Data that supported the text behind a data journalism news site
World Bank Free and open access to global development data > 1000 World Development, Aid, Climate, Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, Gender, Health, Infrastructure, Poverty, Business, Science, Technology, Social Development, Labor, Trade, Urban Development no yes yes yes no mostly csv. xlsx, xml lots of missing data
World Health Organization Global health observatory data repository >1000 International Health Statistics no no no no no mostly csv, xlsx, html, json, xml excel format downloads are not styled as case-data
EEPS NHANES Data Data pre-downloaded and nicely formatted from National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey 1 US Health Statistics no no no yes no yes copy from webpage into excel or Sheets
CDC Wonder Broad range of data covering births, deaths, health, population and selected environmental issues. Lots of variables can be chosen to limit data. original source, also redirects to other sources Health, Population, Environment, Climate, US Data yes yes yes yes maybe no txt Interface for getting datasets can be complex. Downloaded files generally contain only a summary report.
NSF Data Tables Data on STEM education and jobs in the US, with breakdowns by race and gender. original source Science, US Data, Social Science no no no no no no xlsx, pdf data comes in grouped tabular format, not easy to work with
US Energy Information Administration Energy generation and use original source Energy, US Data no no no yes no mostly xlsx data format is good to work with
The World Factbook The Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. World Data, Economics, Energy, Social Sciences, Government no no no no no no pdf Information is easy to access, but data are not downloadable
CDC: High School YRBS Youth Risk-Based Survey. Great data on US student injuries, alcohol & tobacco use, diet, sexual behavior, and obesity. original source health, youth, US data yes no no yes yes mostly pdf, txt, they claim excel but reviewer (AN) couldn't get it to work Great survey data, broken down by state
Kids Count Annual data on kids, their families, their health, births. Collected by Annie E Casey Foundation original source health, families, US data yes yes yes yes yes yes png for visuals, excel for raw data Famous data, very easy to use site, provides information on national, state and select urban areas
WolframAlpha An eclectic collection of data in all fields of STEM, art, music, history, which range from the length of roads in Spain to thermodynamic properties of elements. Sources not listed, but must be various STEM, health, world data, social sciences, chemistry, physics, math, engineering, nutrition, earth sciences, histroy, art, music, biology, sports , economics, transportation yes yes yes yes yes yes gif, jpg, png, tiff Good place to look for background data on topics. Tends to produce tables rather than visuals.
Tree of Life Project Shows evolutionary trees for extinct and living creatures, also photo library Sources identified, many of the photos are copyrighted but some are free to use biology yes yes (evolutionary trees) no yes no mostly need to use snapshot Good place to get evolutionary trees and technical names of species; somewhat specialized
Kaiser Family Foundation Data on US spending on health care; some polling data on health issues. Data collected and analyzed by Kaiser Family Foundation health, US data, some world data, economics no (some search but weak) yes no no no no need to use snapshot or can pull off images as png This is not an easy website to use, but if you dig around, you can find some really interesting data
UN data Entry point for international data collected by UN original source, also redirects to other sources health, environment, economics, population, energy, education, wold data, social sciences yes no no yes yes yes XML only Huge amount of data that can be filtered and put into a table. Data will need to be re-plotted for visual use.
Population Reference Bureau Population data original analysis of government data population, census, US data, world data yes yes yes yes no mostly need to use snapshot You will need to do some searching to find interactive data, but they are there. Some data is buried in the white papers.
NASA planet fact sheet Data on planets various sources astronomy, physics no no no no no yes none. Just a table. Just facts on the planets.
Project Feeder Watch Cornell University data by states and year original source biology, US data no no no yes no yes no Well known data collection; other types of data on birds available
Find the Data Eclectic collection of data; data aggregator, includes environemtal and technology; favorite is dinosaur database many Eclectic collection of data; data aggregator, includes environmental and technology; favorite is dinosaur database yes yes yes yes no yes none A useful site to look for offbeat data.
USGS Water Quality Data US Geological stream data; lots of water quality data Original source earth sciences, US data, streams; environment; water qualithy yes yes yes yes mostly mostly png Lots of useful data, up to date.
Gun Violence Archive The Gun Violence Archive is an online archive of gun violence incidents collected from over 1,500 media, law enforcement, government and commercial sources daily in an effort to provide near-real time data about the results of gun violence. Various sources Guns, social sciences, US data yes no yes yes yes yes csv It is very difficult to get data on gun violence because of Congress. This Is one of the best sources.