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Dr. Joseph Polman, the principal investigator (PI) of the grant, is a Professor and an Associate Dean for Research in the School of Education at University of Colorado Boulder. He has a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences from Northwestern University, and has conducted research and development related to technology-supported inquiry learning of science for over 15 years. He is an Executive Editor of Cognition and Instruction, and on the Editorial Board of Journal of the Learning Sciences and Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Dr. Engida Gebre is a co-principal investigator on the grant and Assistant Professor of Education at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Gebre has been conducting research on active learning environments and processes, learning technologies and student engagement, semiotic tools/inscriptions, representational competence, and leadership for teaching and learning.

Andee Rubin is PI of the portion of the project at TERC, where she is a Senior Scientist. TERC is an independent non-profit engaged in research and development in the fields of math and science education. Rubin has been involved in creating software tools for data representation for over 30 years. She has conducted extensive research on students’ and teachers’ statistical reasoning, especially as it is influenced and made visible by data visualization tools.

Cynthia Graville is an Instructor of Converging Communication Technology and Director of the Communication Media Lab at Saint Louis University. Currently, she is enrolled as a doctoral student in theTeaching and Learning Division of the College of Education at UMSL. She was the recipient of ASTC’s Roy A. Shafer Leading Edge Award for New Leadership in the Field 2008.

Dr. Alan Newman is consultant to the project. He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and has conducted basic research at various universities and Brookhaven National Laboratory, but most of his career—over 20 years—has been spent as a science journalist and managing editor. He is the managing editor of the youth science news magazine SciJourner.

Gary Robert Lamb is both a CISL design-based research team member and the classroom teacher at Pattonville High School. Lamb will implement in three chemistry classes the infographics critique and construction co-designed by our team. He has a B.S. in Biology with a teaching certificate from Bradley University. He is completing his Master of Education degree at University of Missouri-St. Louis, and has been part of the SciJourn team as an implementing teacher for three years. He was one of six high school science teachers in 2011-12 awarded a “Peabody Energy Leaders in Education” award in 2011-12 in recognition of his excellence as a Chemistry and Physical Science teacher.

Leighanna Hinojosa and Stephen Sommer are doctoral students in Learning Sciences at University of Colorado Boulder.

Joanna Weidler-Lewis is postdoctoral researcher on the SLI project. She received her PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research interests include bring critical, spatial, and feminist perspectives to STEM learning environments.

Lily Ko is a researcher at TERC.