Frankensteining Infographics, Picking the Best Parts of the Brain

////Frankensteining Infographics, Picking the Best Parts of the Brain

Created by Rob Lamb

Time: 30-35 minutes

Resources, Materials, Technology:

  • Several pieces of brain infographic
  • 11×17 sheet of paper

Take Home:

  • Many infographic are useless or repetitive information. The key to being a good consumer of information is separating the important from the chaff.


Lesson Structure and Procedures:

Day 1: 30-35 minutes in length

  • Place students into groups of 2-3
  • Give each group a 11×17 piece of paper an envelope of full color pieces of infographics.
  • Have students review the aspects of the infographics. Then having them choose the most important and useful pieces of information from the bunch.
  • Have each group then take the pieces and glue them to the paper placing all items in the most logically places not the piece of paper and using markers when necessary to make connections.
  • Post all infographics and do a gallery walk having students discuss the decisions that they have made.


Follow Up/Extensions:

  • Have students write out a justification as to why they chose what they did and omitted the rest.
  • See if they can come up with another topic containing several infographics and creating another Frankenstein’s monster infographic of their


Click here to download a complete, Microsoft Word version of this lesson:

Picking the Best Parts of the Brain

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