Infographic Critique Guidelines

//Infographic Critique Guidelines
Infographic Critique Guidelines2018-08-08T14:56:56-05:00

Time: 15 minutes for each infographic


  • 2 to 3 infographics to critique
  • Computer or paper to write down answers

Instructions: Before you start actually critiquing the infographic, really take it in and look at the layout, the design, the written text, the visuals, and the data presented. For each question, write 2-3 sentences describing what you see, whether it works for the overall goal of the infographic, and why.

Step 1: Write down the title of the infographic and the name of the person who made it.

Step 2: Identify and write down the claim made on the infographic.

Step 3: Design

  • Describe the layout and organization of the infographic. Does it work for the claim? Why or why not?
  • What is the color scheme? Does it match the goal of the claim?
  • Describe the fonts used. Do they make the text difficult to read? Is there a clear organizational structure in the different fonts used?
  • Are there any obvious errors that distract from the claim?

Step 4: Text Content

  • Are uncommon terms or word usages defined/explained?
  • Are there large blocks of text in the infographic? Suggest replacement text that summarizes the blocks of text.
  • Does the text clearly explain what’s going on? Are there graphs or visuals that need context?

Step 5: Data 

  • What are the data sources? Are the data sources credible?
  • How are the data represented? What graphs or charts are used?
  • For each graph or chart, describe what stands out most. What message does it convey?
  • Do the graphs or charts support the overall claim?

Step 6: Visuals (non-graph, non-text)

  • Are there non-graph visuals in the infographic? For each one, state whether it is decorative or informative.
  • Do the visuals help support the overall claim?

Step 7: Note any general advice, suggestions, and comments you have to help improve the infographic.