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Information and Graphic Design

Coming Soon! Introductory graphic design techniques and how to make infographics engaging and meaningful.

Free-to-use Images

Many images and illustrations you find online are copyright. Avoid violating copyright laws by using creative commons licensed images or royalty-free images. The SLI Community Image Library has a variety of quality vector images to choose from. They are CC-licensed and free to use.

Submitting Infographics to SciJourner

Ready to submit your infographic for professional review?

  1. Export your infographic as a high-resolution PDF. If that’s not possible, JPG or JPEG is also acceptable.
  2. If you are submitting your infographic for the first time, you will be asked to answer these questions [DOCX].
  3. For all drafts after the first one, you will be asked to answer these questions [DOCX].
  4. Get your answers ready so you can fill out this online form easy peasy.
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