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These posters, designed by SLI’s Cindy Graville, can be printed out and put up in classrooms to support students’ thinking about data visualization, storytelling, and graphic design for infographics.

Overall Infographic Design Guidelines

Pic Title Description Download
Project Diagram An overview of the infographic creation process from start to submission that touches on ideation, data, and design. PDF
Revision Cycle This diagram gives an overview of the process students use to research, visualize, and revise infographics based on feedback, with associated driving questions about personal concerns, societal concerns, and scientific issues. PDF
Make your infographic Visual This diagram describes three different aspects of using visualization in infographics: to describe ideas, to explore data and to link parts of the overall story through design elements. PDF

Four-part Infographic Creation Guidelines

These posters provide guidelines for creating infographics in three broad categories (Make it Matter, Find Credibility and Give Credit and Show What You Mean), then provide more detail on each with student-created infographics as examples.

Pic Title Download
Make it Matter PDF
Find Credibility, and Give Credit PDF
Show What You Mean p.1 PDF
Show What You Mean p.2 PDF