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Created by Rob Lamb

Time: 20-25 minutes

Resources, Materials, Technology:


Creating new ways to represent data can be difficult, finding the information you need can be challenging if you do not have a clear idea of what you are looking for. By having students go out and find data they become better at searching. Having a student create a critter for another zoo is a great way to ease them into infographic creation.

Lesson Structure and Procedures:

Day 1: 20-25 minutes in length

  • Place students into groups of 3-4
  • Give each group a 11×17 full color copy of Animal in the House Infographic along with different bright colored marker to each group
  • Have students review the aspects of the infographic (at this point it would have already been used for a read aloud think aloud so they should be familiar with it.
  • Have each group come up with an aspect of zoos that interest them that is not represented in the infographic. Have students add the aspect to the infographic they wish to see (often used items: price of admission, volunteers, insects)
  • Have groups discuss the aspect they have chosen and why.


Follow Up/Extensions:

  • The teacher can facilitate a discussion about where they can go to find the information they discussed in the activity (Calling a zoo is a great discussion prompt.)
  • Students can continue their research at to complete the infographic.
  • Students can select another zoo not represented in Animals in the house and create a critter for a new zoo using the visual conventions from the original infographic.

Click here to download a Microsoft Word version:

Add to the Infographic-Animals

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