Evaluate the Infographic

Created by Rob Lamb

Time: 15-45 minutes

Resources, Materials, Technology:

  • Printed copy of evaluate the infographic (version 2.0 is digital)
  • Pen
  • Access to the internet


Take Home:

The more exposure you can give a student to infographic, the better. Having them really look deeper at an infographic will make them more aware of the types of things that make a good or bad infographic.


Lesson Structure and Procedures:

Day 1: 15-45 minutes in length

  • Student is given a general topic (science, chemistry) to go find and evaluate an infographic on.
  • Student goes through all the steps listed on sheet and determines the quality of the infographic and type of infographic (we need to sit down and discuss “types”)


Follow Up/Extensions:

  • Have them evaluate an infographic chosen by you or one of their peers. Have them discuss out the strengths and weakness of the infographic they chose with their peers.
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Click here to download a Microsoft Word version:

Evaluate the Infographic


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