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We have developed support materials for using Venngage and Google Sheets. We no longer provide support for Diigo and CODAP, but the resources are still accessible.

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Submitting Infographics to SciJourner

Follow the steps below when your students are ready to submit their infographics for professional review.

  1. Have them export their infographics as a high-resolution PDF. If that’s not possible, JPG or JPEG is also acceptable.
  2. If they are submitting your infographic for the first time, they will be asked to answer these questions [DOCX]. It will be easier to have them type out their responses on the document than write it out by hand.
  3. For all drafts after the first one, students will be asked to answer these questions [DOCX].
  4. Once their answers are ready, direct them to this online form and they can just copy-paste their responses from the typed-up documents.
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