2.1 Work with data and graphs

//2.1 Work with data and graphs
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Work with Data

Go through the section “How to Work with Data” on the page “Data: Finding, Using, and Making Graphs.” A small selection of data support materials are listed below but you can find more on the data page.

Work with Data

Analyze data and make graphs

The following tutorials show tips for organizing data using Google Sheets and one online infographic creation tool, Venngage. Similar graphing features can be found in other infographic creation tools, so these tutorials can be adapted for them.

Title Description Download
Creating a US Data Map When your data is all 50 states, it gets tricky! This tutorial guides you through setting up your map data and working it into Venngage’s US data map. PDF
Creating a Time Series Chart Is your data time-based? Seconds? Days? Years? Use this tutorial to guide you on creating a time-series chart. PDF
Graphing Distributions Making even a simple bar graph is not so easy when you have 2000 data points to count up. This tutorial shows you how to do it quickly using Google Sheets. PDF
Visualizing Relationships between Variables Trying to show how one variable affects another? Scatter plots help your readers make sense of the connection between two sets of numerical data. PDF
Comparing Across Categories Not all data are numbers. Sometimes they present themselves as text, or categories that represent the data point, such as gender and race. To make sense of them, you will need to compare across categories. PDF
Assembling and Displaying Histograms When your data is any number in a range, you will need a histogram. Use Google Sheets to set up the data and then modify Venngage’s bar chart to make it happen. PDF

Avoid pitfalls and errors

Theses are just-in-time help documents for avoiding graph pitfalls for specific graph types. Coming soon!