3.3 Draft Infographic in a Canvas Tool

//3.3 Draft Infographic in a Canvas Tool
3.3 Draft Infographic in a Canvas Tool2018-08-10T13:41:22-05:00

Choose an Infographic Canvas Tool

You will need a infographic canvas tool to construct your infographic in. If you have not yet chosen a tool, revisit the Infographic Canvas Tool Comparison Guide on session 1.4 Choose an infographic canvas tool page to inform your choice. You can make a temporary choice and try it out during this self-guided PD.

Explore the online tutorial provided by the canvas tool. If no tutorial is provided, consider spending 15 minutes to familiarize yourself with all the features and capabilities of the program.

Draft your Infographic

Revisit your infographic plan from session 2.3 and your revision from session 3.2. Apply the ideas about design, combined with your data and graphing explorations and your infographic benchmark sketches, to build a first draft of your infographic in your chosen canvas tool.